Welcome to Deeptrek! We use the most advanced techniques and the latest technology to offer professional service unparalleled in the subsea industry.
        Welcome to Deeptrek

Deeptrek Introduction

Allow me to introduce Deeptrek, a team pushing back the frontiers of knowledge and expertise in the most inaccessible parts of the known universe, in the oceans, seas, lakes and other water bodies of this very planet.

The idea of Deeptrek originated in 1986 with the insight that a company comprised of highly skilled individuals possessing diverse subsea expertise could offer superior performance to clients with a broad range of underwater interests. Since then Deeptrek has attracted subsea specialists with expertise in diving, one-atmosphere suits, submersibles, deep water remote operated vehicles (ROVs), environmental assessment and remediation, marine archaeology, and a broad array of remote sensing and underwater intervention technologies and techniques.

Each individual in Deeptrek possesses expertise in – and passion for – at least one of the many fields brought into focus by the diverse requirements of subsea activity. Deeptrek's team's knowledge and experience are unique. You will find Deeptrek's personnel working for the most advanced subsea companies, where they can be found working on the cutting edge of deep-water petroleum exploration, working at thousands of meters in depth, and designing, building, and operating custom ROVs and ROV tooling to execute subsea interventions.

Deeptrek personnel are often called upon to correct problems in projects begun by others, and have seen all too frequently that programs originating with designers lacking Deeptrek's subsea experience fail in practice despite appearing promising on the drawing board.

Deeptrek's broad expertise includes all aspects of ocean endeavors, environmental analysis, site remediation and historical investigations. Deeptrek's personnel are not mere technicians: they are creative thinkers with experience in advancing the state of their fields. Few subsea challenges fall outside the expertise of the Deeptrek team. As individuals they are exceptional, and as team they are unmatched by any subsea organization.

The Deeptrek team shares a common goal: to use the most advanced techniques and the latest technology to offer professional service unparalleled in the subsea industry. The key to achieving Deeptrek's mission is the expertise of Deeptrek's team in designing and managing underwater interventions at every depth, from the near-shore shallows to the darkest depths of the deep ocean. Deeptrek separates itself from other operators by its ability to think outside the box, imagining and building effective solutions to novel problems.

Deeptrek's greatest strength is its ability to assemble the personnel who can surpass your project's requirements. Subsea projects unexpectedly demand quick response on limited information with significant stakes, and your project is too important to place in less-experienced hands. In the commercial world, we routinely find means to complete tasks within constraints of time, budget, and available logistical support. Deeptrek achieves. High-quality, on-time, on-budget projects are not an accident, but the result of effective teamwork and quality planning. Deeptrek offers project leadership and personnel resources matched to your subsea needs. We work “outside of the box”, at sea, within project parameters, producing results on which our clients can rely.


Jay Usher

President & Founder
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